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Euroasia Marble & Granite Inc. is the leading supplier of world class marble, granite and other
natural stones in the Philippines. An extensive inventory and an established network of suppliers
allow the company to supply a high volume of slabs quickly and affordably. In order to realize its
vision of continuously surpassing customer needs and expectations, Euroasia maintains a team of
highly qualified professionals armed with the latest tools to underscore its commitment to customer
satisfaction through new products and services that capture the essence of beauty in stone.

Founded and led by a group of vibrant entrepreneurs with more than 50 years of combined
experience in the construction business specializing in industrial and residential contracting, supply
of steel and concrete-handling equipment

*We are an affiliate of the Hang Tung Group of Companies, with offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.

*We use the most modern equipment to cut, process and polish the granite.

*Our company carries a large inventory of raw materials to ensure ready availability and prompt delivery. For large volume of orders, we import materials promptly through our established network of quality suppliers.