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Beautifully Designed for Everyday Life


ColorQuartz is the world's leading producer of Engineered Quartz surfaces designed for high-quality applications worldwide. Having their clients in mind, this California-based company makes use of only top-quality materials and cutting-edge technology to create a high-performance surface which offers versatility and ease of use.


With a passion to create meaningful and beautiful quartz surfaces, ColorQuartz also has a team of designers dedicated to traveling the world to seek inspiration and innovation. ColorQuartz is here, beautifully engineered for everyday life.



Natural Quartz in the stone industry is known for its extreme hardness and resistance. This material is naturally non-porous - heat, stain and scratch resistant, which is why ColorQuartz uses natural Quartz as a base material, allowing for a maintenance-free engineered surface. With this, ColorQuartz surfaces are built to last a lifetime.

Safety and Protection


ColorQuartz, making use of advance technology, produces materials which are compressed and very compact contributing to its hardness. This technology also makes CQ's surfaces non-absorbent, preventing molds and mildew from developing. Due to this anti-bacterial feature, cleaning CQ's surface only requires soap and water - easy as 1, 2, 3!



Inspired by works of nature, ColorQuartz invests in product research and development in order to provide clients with a wide array of beautiful and versatile surfaces. Each design is carefully crafted - taking into consideration every vein, shade, density, depth. With over 60 designs available, making your dream space come to life has never been easier.

Environmental Awareness


ColorQuartz recognizes the importance of waste management and the responsibility which comes with production. All wastes such as raw materials and plastics used for production are collected and reused. 100% of the water used in polishing is recovered and recycled. Excess dust from production is collected using an advanced filtration system. Lastly, ColorQuartz makes use of recycled raw materials to produce their designs.

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